Frequently asked questions

Does my child have to be potty trained to attend Beansprouts?

No. We believe that toilet learning should be based on the child's cues of readiness - physical, mental, and emotional. The signs we look for from the child that suggest readiness to start using the potty are: - child shows interest in using the toilet, or brings it up in conversations - child's diaper is dry for longer periods of time - child is aware of when they need a diaper change

How much does it cost to attend Beansprouts?

Our tuition is due the first of the month and is based on the child's schedule. Our fees are: 5 days per week full day $1535/month half day $1085/month 4 days per week full day $1300/month half day $925/month 3 days per week full day $1110/month half day $785/month

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks and electronic bank transfers. We do not accept credit card payments at this time.

What if my child doesn't nap?

Non-napping children are encouraged to rest quietly on their beds so that others may fall asleep easily. Most of the children do need some sleep and we want to preserve their quiet time for them. After an hour of rest, children may get up and look at books until their friends begin to wake up. We have not found this system to be problematic, as most children are very tired after a morning full of playing and learning and typically don't mind getting some rest.

Do you take days off during the year?

Our school closures can be found on our Holiday Schedule, viewable here.

Do you provide food for the children?

We provide a morning and afternoon snack, and parents provide a box lunch for the children each day. We also ask that you bring a clean, full water bottle to school each morning.

Can we find out more about Beansprouts before we come for a tour?

We are currently offering virtual tours which can be schedule at your convenience. You may also see our blog, or request temporary access to our Instagram feed for an idea of what we do each day and how we philosophically approach our work with children.

What does a typical day look like at Beansprouts Preschool?

Please see our Daily Routine for information about what a full day at Beansprouts looks like.

What's the next step to apply?

Fill out our Enrollment Application and send to or reach out on our Contact Form.

What are your operating hours?

Full day: 8am - 4pm Half day: 8am-12:15pm

What is your teacher:child ratio?

We have a 6:1 child:teacher ratio. There are two teachers per day when we have more than six children, 1 to 2 teachers if there are six children or less.